Review: Streamsong Resort – Blue Course

6 thoughts on “Review: Streamsong Resort – Blue Course

  1. Another detailed and accurate review. I agree that your 95 foot bomb putt birdie was the best shot I saw all year. A great resort! Dad


  2. I love this blog and your reviews, and great pictures. I find I agree with your opinions quite often. But I just didn’t take to the Blue. I loved the Red, one of my favorite courses that I’ve played. I liked the Black a lot tee to green, but it’s greens were too extreme. The Blue was odd. It has some really good holes, especially on the front-9. But then it has too many ordinary holes with fairways the width of driving ranges. Good greens and overall worth a play, but if went again I would play the Red the most and then the Black.


    1. Thanks for the comment and glad you’re enjoying the write-ups. One of Streamsong’s best features is that different people will have favorite courses because they are all worthy of praise. Like you, I do agree Red is king.


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