This is a blog dedicated to reviewing and ranking the various golf courses I’ve played. It is my hope that this site will be able to help others looking for courses, while also providing memories of some fantastic days golfing. If you have any feedback, constructive criticism, or want to tee it up, I’d love to hear from you in the comments or via e-mail!

What makes a golf course “good“?

I review courses and take into account things such as conditioning, design, history, and various other factors like amenities, facilities, and vibe. While I don’t take into account price for rankings, I do review value.

Conditioning Categories:

1-3 – Very poor upkeep. Characterized by shaggy greens, burned out fairway, torn up teeboxes, and poor bunkers.

4-7 – Course is playable, but not every hole is in pristine shape. Course may be a bit rugged around the edges.

8-10 – Course is in immaculate shape. Green, well-kept fairways, true greens, and beautiful tee boxes and bunkers are featured on these courses.

Design & History

As a golf architecture buff, I might put a little more value in history than others. If a course has hosted prestigious tournaments or been designed by a famous architect, it will undoubtedly be ranked higher on my Ranking.

Other Factors

-Facilities – Driving range, practice green, clubhouse

-Pace of Play

-Food and Drink

-Vibe – Friendliness of employees, overall feel


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