Review: Nehoiden Golf Club

Course Name: Nehoiden Golf Club

Designer: Unknown (1893)

Location: Wellesley, Massachusetts

History: Founded in 1893, Nehoiden is the oldest college course in America and arguably the oldest nine-hole course as well. Open only to residents of Wellesley and Wellesley College affiliates, Nehoiden was known as Wellesley Golf Club until 1927.

Conditions: 8/10, The conditioning at Nehoiden is impressive. The rough and fairways are lush, but the greens are a bit slow.

Value: N/A, The course is private and only open to Wellesley College students and residents of the town of Wellesley. There is apparently a long wait-list for Wellesley residents.


Tee                           Par         Yardage         Rating          Slope

Blue                         36           3042               34.8               130

White                      36           2931               34.1               128

Red                          36           2719               36.2               126

Hole Descriptions: A classic design, Nehoiden is full of elevation changes, small greens, and strategic bunkering. The opening hole is a reachable uphill 451 yard par 5. Your drive must travel at least 180 yards to carry a creek. A tall tree on the left side of the creek will catch pulled drives. At about 120 yards short of the green, this fairway narrows as trees jut out on the left. You can see Wellesley College’s Bell Tower in the background on your approach.

The uphill par 5 1st
The approach at 1 with Wellesley in the backdrop

The 2nd hole at Nehoiden is a claustrophobic 374 yard par 4 that plays from an elevated teebox. At about 250 yards, this hole turns left. This back-to-front sloped green is guarded by a creek short and a bunkers on the left and back right.

The 2nd hole plays from an elevated teebox
The approach at 2 over a creek

At only 313 yards, the short 3rd is reachable for longer hitters and fairly generous off the tee. The major danger here is two deep bunkers just short of the green that force you to fly it to the green. Relative to par, there’s probably no hole more difficult than the 200 yard par 3 4th. Relatively flat, this hole features a small green surrounded by four bunkers that catch many well-struck balls.

The long par 3 4th

Arguably the most intimidating hole at Nehoiden, the 5th appears much longer than 366 yards because of the extremely elevated green looming in the distance. From a secluded teebox, you must find the fairway here to have any chance at par, as tall trees guard right and fescue lines the left.  About 50 yards short of this green, the fairway is bisected by a road. After this road, the hole runs straight uphill to a large, fast green.

The intimidating par 4 5th

The 6th and 7th holes run parallel to each other and are two of my favorite par fours on the course. At 369 yards, the 6th is open off the tee except for a small bunker on the right at 220 yards. The green on this hole is blind up until about 60 yards of the green when the fairway slopes straight downhill. Picking an appropriate aiming point is paramount to hitting this small green – hint: aim at the light pole. The 7th hole is short and sweet at 309 yards. This fairway is fairly narrow and undulating and is a must hit for anyone trying to reach this green in regulation. Players will have to contend with multiple bunkers near this green.

The straight downhill approach at 6; aim for the light pole

The 148 yard 8th hole may be my favorite hole at Nehoiden. Featuring an elevated teebox, this short hole is more difficult than it should be due to its intimidating visuals. A tree overhangs the left side of the green and three bunkers guard the front of this green. The shortest bunker is an illusion, as it appears much closer to the green than it actually is. A severe ridge in the middle of this green makes it the most challenging on the course.

The par 3 8th

The closing hole is a strong par 5 measuring 533 yards from the Tips. This wide fairway is cut in three by a creek 200 yards from hole and a road 75 yards from the hole. This back-to-front sloped green is miserable for those above the hole.

The downhill then uphill par 5 9th

General Comments: Wellesley is one of the most affluent communities in America, but amenities at Nehoiden are pretty bare bone. There is no clubhouse and the course is strictly walking only. Like most old courses, the practice facilities are makeshift, with a small driving range situated between the 1st and 2nd holes. A practice green can be found beside the 6th hole but is nowhere near the 1st tee. It’s worth noting that playing from another fairway at Nehoiden is prohibited and wayward drives that land in another fairway are considered OB.

Verdict: Brimming with character, this short classic nine-hole design offers a fun, well-conditioned round the way golf was meant to be played. Just don’t expect much in terms of amenities.

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